I have been on a quest to understand the world of non-linear editors.  In my home I have both Mac and Windows machines so choice of platform hasnt been the most crucial issue facing me.

I admit that, all things being equal and when my paycheck is big enough to support it, I prefer Apple devices.  My current primary mobile phone is a Samsung S3 although I own an iPad and have used iPhones for years.

In my opinion, I am not a fanboy of anything but innovation.  I want to see what’s making life different for average people.

I digress.  Which non-linear editor?  It seems that there are two basic choices after doing research: Final Cut Pro X from Apple and Premiere CSS from Adobe.

Of course there are many others, but my goal is to explore the most broadly used and usable technology.  I want to know what could be used by anyone (and, potentially, everyone).

Apple has intrigued me with their price drop from $800 to $300.  It seems that they’re saying that this is something that could & should be affordable by everyone.

Adobe has also intrigued me with their monthly pricing (billable yearly, of course).

I am leaning towards Final Cut Pro X and have already worked on a few projects in that.

My last experience with editing was with glue amp; razors in the early 1980s so I do not have the bias of how Apple has left a wake of bitter and resentful professionals who resent their apparently random approach to deprecating features and not any evidence of customer appreciation.

That said, however, I am really intrigued by the unique approach Apple is taking and how professionals have described their innovative approach to traditional capabilities.

I am also impressed by the way Apple has addressed agile development and has quickly added capabilities in two years in 8 updates.

It is an interesting world.

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