When I was young I visited Hearst Castle in California and I was overwhelmed at the thought of how deeply I coveted the notion of having my own home theater.

They were, I thought, only for millionaires.

In my teens I visited a computer laboratory and after about five minutes working on a computer I wondered how I could afford building a dedicated room for one and the tens of thousands upon tens of thousands I thought would be needed to have enough computing power to make it interesting.

When I was in my late teens & early twenties I took filmmaking classes and I wondered how I could possibly afford a flatbed editor and the thousands of dollars it required to buy 400 feet of film and get it produced and edited.

In my basement I have a home theater with a 1080p projector and a wall full of computers and more video editing and sound production equipment than I ever dreamed.

Yet none of those things are terribly expensive nor did they require me to be wealthy to afford them.

Gold and jewels may be finite but things that grab the mind and keep it focused and interested are available and becoming so affordable that almost anyone can afford them.

Some day all that I have will probably be in a phone that wouldn’t even be considered top-of-the-line.

Media for everybody.

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